Family business
Cyberpunk 2020

av Magnus Seter
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Family business is a short scenario for the Cyberpunk 2020 game. It is intended for beginning gamemasters or for gamemasters wishing to introduce new players to the cyberpunk game. It provides basic situations where the characters can use their skills and get familiar with the system and their characters.

Family business is based in and around Night City, as it is presented in the Cyberpunk basic rules. Those referees wishing to do so can easily expand the scenario using the Night City Sourcebook.

The scenario is meant to be a base from which the individual referee may start and form his own campaign. It will provide the referee with some basic hooks that can be used in further scenarios.

The characters have gathered at one of their favourite hangouts, where the action seems to be rather slow at the moment. If this is an opening session of a Cyberpunk campaign, this is a good time for the characters to get to know each other a bit more. The night is young and promising.

As the characters have begun to talk or drink the doors are opened up and a stunningly beautiful woman staggers into the hangout. She is dressed in fine clothes but these are torn and smeared with dirt. The woman holds her head high and looks about her, finally resting her gaze on the characters.

She walks up to the characters and as she closes they can make out bruises on her face and a nasty scrub on her left knee. Characters with acute senses may pick up the scent of burnt gunpowder and notice that the woman has traces of gunpowder on her delicate hands (DIFF:Awareness/Notice).

An introduction: The woman introduces herself as Cassandra Luna, marketing consultant for the major corporation Biotechnica. Then she bluntly lays out the deal for the characters.

She wishes them to free her four year old son, Matt. He is now held by terrorists at a villa just outside Night City. She offers the characters a sum of 500 eb a piece to break into the villa and eliminate the terrorists. If the characters wants more money she raises the sum to 650 eb, but only after some fancy bargaining from the characters (DIFF: Persuasion & Fast talk).

As soon as the characters have agreed to take on the mission Cassandra sits down with them. She explains that the terrorists broke into her home and kidnapped the little boy. Now they ask for a huge sum of money for his safe return. Cassandra explains that she simply hasn't got that kind of money and that she now puts her hope to the characters abilities. Any questions concerning why she hasn't called the police will be met by derogatory remarks on the efficiency of the local police force.

She also claims to have followed the kidnappers to their hideout at Night Beach, just outside Greater Night City. There she was discovered and barely escaped with her life. If the characters observe Cassandra closely during their conversation a successful check vs DIFF: Human perception will reveal that she might not be telling the whole truth. If pressed on this she'll threaten to call the deal off.

She will personally take the characters to the hideout but then it is up to them to free the boy. If asked, she'll give a brief description of the house (see Villa Luna).

When everything is settled, Cassandra will give the characters one hour of preparations and then take her leave to get her car. She'll meet the characters outside the hangout in one hour.

One hour: During the hour given to the characters they can get their personal gear and any extra equipment they think they might need.

They can also check up on Cassandra Luna. A check of the screamsheets could reveal the story found under THE TRUTH, up to the trial (DIFF: Library search). These bits of information can also be revealed by making the right phone calls, using Authority or Persuasion instead of Library search.

In fact the characters have been set up. Some of the things Cassandra told them were true and some not. It is true that her son is held at the villa. It is not true that he has been kidnapped.

Five years ago Cassandra married a young hotshot corporate star named Tobias Luna. The marriage was perfect and the company provided well for the newly wed. A year after the marriage, Matt was born and the happiness seemed complete. The family bought the Villa Luna and the surronding area and settled there to raise Matt and live out their dream of a perfect life.

After four years of marriage, Cassandra was fed up. She had already taken to drinking to ease the boredom of her current life and now she began going out without Tobias. Soon the scandal was a fact. Enraged, Tobias threw Cassandra out of his and his sons life and after going to court it was decided that Tobias would have custody over Matt. Cassandra was furious. She tried to break into the Villa Luna and take Matt with her but was discovered by Tobias who tried to get her out of the house. Shots were fired and Cassandra got away, bruised but otherwise alright. The fate of Tobias remains unknown, not that Cassandra cares.

She returned to Night City and a cunning plan formed in her mind. She would hire some hotshot cyberpunks and have them assault the villa and get Matt. She could always feed them some lies to cover up the truth.

This is where the characters entered the scene.

Cassandra will meet the characters at the hangout one hour after they split up. If the characters are late she will wait ten minutes before blasting off in her Ford 4-Wheeler. The deal is off.

If the characters meet up at the appointed time they will find Cassandra there waiting in her car. The Ford will take one character in the front passenger seat and three more in the backseat. If the characters are more than four they will have to find some other way to transport the rest of the team to the beach.

When everyone is loaded into the Ford or any other vehicles Cassandra will blast off into the night. She will take Sterling out of Greater Night City and follow the highway for about half an hour. Then she will follow several smaller routes, flashing her security clearence at three security checks and finally ending up at Night Beach. Observant characters might notice a sign that Cassandra passes some minutes before stopping (AVE: Awareness/Notice). The sign reads VILLA LUNA 1 MILE. The surronding area seems void of any settlements.

Cassandra will stop some two hundred yards from the villa. The characters can see the lights from the house and hear the roaring sea. The characters will have to approach the house from here and Cassandra will wait by the car for the return of the team.

If confronted with the name of the villa and if she is asked how she passed the security at the security checks, Cassandra will tell the characters to mind their own businesses and get on with their work. It is after all she who's paying the bill.

The Villa Luna lies isolated along Night Beach. Tobias Luna owns the surronding area as well and have designed elaborate security systems to keep intruders out. As the assault on the villa begins the characters have already passed most of these with the help of Cassandra, who knows the right passwords.

The referee should refer to the map over Villa Luna when running the assault on the house. A brief description of the house is given below.

The villa is a three story building. The road goes up all the way up to the garage, which takes up the lower part of the building. From the ground a big staircase (1) leads up to the second floor and onto the landing (2). From the landing you can reach the main hall (3) and the back of the house as well. From the main hall several doors lead into other rooms, such as the lounge (4) and the bedrooms (5 and 6). In the lounge can be found photographs of Cassandra and Tobias together, taken before the breakup. These are standing on a mantelpiece above the fireplace. In the main hall a big staircase also leads up to the third floor. The third floor is dominated by the dining room (7) and the library (8). The kitchen (9) and the servants quarters are considerably smaller.

Security measures: Halfway up to the villa the characters will find an electrical fence. This can be neutralised using Electronics (AVE) or Basic tech (DIFF). A skillfull character could jum over it (DIFF: Athletics) but a failure means touching the fence. This results in 2D6 points of electrical damage and that the alarms are set off.

The security in the villa consists of two patrolling guards just outside the house. These can be spotted by using Awareness/Notice (DIFF). The referee should adjust this difficulty if proper equipment is used. Sneaking up on the guards is an AVE roll vs Stealth. Inside the house there are two guards in the main hall and two in the lounge. These guards are more alert and sneaking up on them is a DIFF roll vs Stealth. After Cassandras last try, one guard has been posted inside bedroom 6 to guard the boy. Apart from this the house also contains two maids and a butler. These will only take part of the fighting if it is to save their own lives.

Tobias Luna is not at the moment in the house but he will make an appearence later on in the show, so stay tuned.

It is up to the characters to plan and execute the assault. The guards will react swiftly to any alarm being raised and if necessary will use lethal force to expel the intruders.

The characters are in for a big surprise when they find the boy. First of all they will have to deal with the guard posted to protect him and this will send the poor boy into hysterics. He will begin screaming for his father and will not be calmed when reassured that he will soon see his mother. He will kick and scream and if given a chance, try to run away. The only way for the characters of taking him with them is to carry him. A character colud calm him by using Intimidate or Authority (DIFF).

As they leave the house the see Cassandra running towards them on the beach. She radiates happiness and will run up to the character holding Matt. She will take him in her arms and smother him with kisses. Surprisingly this does not seem to calm the boy who is screaming over the top of his head, clearly scared out his wits.

Cassandra will explain this with the appearence of the characters. She will not answer any questions as to why the terrorists lived in a house where there were photographs of Cassandra lying around. She will shrug off all accusations and walk towards the car, carrying the struggling Matt in her arms.

There are little else for the characters to do than to follow her.

As the group reaches the car they can hear the sound of an approaching AV-4 (EASY: Awareness/Notice). A scan of the nightsky reveals an incoming light, still a few hundred yards away.

Cassandra will only notice the AV-4 if the characters point it out to her. If they do she will stop and stare blankly at the incoming light. Then she will react and get into the car. If none of the characters are able to drive a car she will hand the boy over to one of them and take the wheel herself. The chase is on.

Cassandra will direct the characters to a boathouse nearby. The AV-4 will try to force the car to stop by pushing it off the road. Every time such an attack is made the driver of the characters car (or cars) must make a DIFF: Drive (car) to stay on the road. Meanwhile a sniper in the AV-4 will try to flatten the car's tires.

The AV-4 will attack five times before the characters reaches the boathouse. The sniper will get three shots at the tires before he loses sight of the car. It the characters choses not to go to the boathouse the AV-4 will attack them until they reach the first security station where the guards will be waiting for the characters. Not a very smart move of the characters.

If the car crashes before it reaches the boathouse the characters have to run for it. Cassandra will take Matt and begin to run through the sand. The characters better follow. If this occurs the AV-4 will break of any attacks in fear of harming Matt. It will land and let three guards out. These will continue the chase on foot. The AV-4 will put their searchlights on any fleeing characters.

The characters reaches the boathouse a few moments before their pursuers. They manage to block the door in and they have reached a temporary safe haven. There are still the problems of the AV-4 and the men pounding on the door, but nothing serious.

Then suddenly the AV-4 roars away in the night. The men withdraws and leaves the characters, Cassandra and the crying Matt alone in the dark.

Then suddenly the silence is shattered by the amplified voice of Tobias Luna. First he demands that the characters lets his son go. If the characters asks him what he means he explains the situation. Tobias is aware of Cassandras presence in the boathouse.

Matt will stop crying as he hears his fathers voice and he will call out to him. Cassandra will rush up to a window and shout abuse at the poor Tobias. Then she will go to the boy trying to soothe him but when he starts crying again she'll slap him in the face and produce a hidden gun. This she will hold up to the head of Matt and try to bargain her way out of the situation.

This is the characters chance of getting away from this mess in one piece. If they manage to get the boy away from Cassandra and hand him over to Tobias, he will listen to the characters explanation. If they didn't kill anyone at the house he will let them leave the scene unmolested. If they did kill someone he will insist that they turn themselves over to Biotechnica security. These will provide them with a proper punishment. If the characters refuse they find that Tobias brought over twenty guards with him out to the boathouse. There is really no choice for the characters. Tobias will promise that they will not be terminated without a fair trial.

If the characters does not take care of Cassandra one of Tobias' snipers will do it. She falls to the ground, her head a bloody mess. Tobias rushes up to Matt and carries him away from the scene. The guards will open up at the boathouse, riddling it with bullets. Every character will take 1D10+2 attacks from the 9 mm weapons unless properly covered. After this the guards will retreat leaving the characters for dead. Any surviving characters can make their escape during nighthours, using their legs to get back to Night City.

This scenario opens up a score of possibilites for the referee. First of all it provides the characters with an enemy, Tobias Luna. In all probability they also manage to make Cassandra their enemy. If they are taken in by Biotechnica security for killing some of their guards the referee can land the characters in many bizarre adventures. Escape from Biotechnica? An assassination on behalf of Biotechnica? There are always thousands of operations in need of deniable operatives.

If Cassandra survived she will be taken into custody by the Biotech security. Perhaps she will escape and seek revenge on Tobias? This means that Tobias suddenly needs the characters to find Cassandra. Perhaps Cassandra hires the characters to free her from her imprisonment? She is after all a lunatic. But a rich lunatic. And money talks...

Here the most important NPC's appearing in the scenario are presented. They are described using the Cyberpunk 2020 basic rules. In their outfit can be found single items from the Chromebook. Any referee not in possession of this book can easily use equipment from the basic rules as replacement.

Cassandra Luna
CL 4
ATT 10
LK 3
MA 5
BT 4

Cassandra grew up in New York where she also was educated. Early on in her life she decided to get rich and the easiest way of doing this was marrying Tobias Luna. She enjoyed the luxury for some while but when she found out she was pregnant life rapidly went down hill. Tobias was delighted and had Cassandra have the baby. After that she felt she couldnt get enough time of her own and started going out. Soon the marriage broke up.

Cassandra is a ruthless woman, prone to using any tricks available to get the upper hand. Her resources are good and it is probable that if she survives the scenario she will use her lawyers to get out of Biotechnicas hands. If this means putting the boot on the characters, then so be it.
SKILLS: Resources +5, Human Perception +6, Education +6, Library Search +6, Social +7, Persuasion +7, Stock Market +2, Wardrobe&Style +8, Expert: Marketing +7, French +6
OUTFIT: Gibson Battlegear, Kendachi Monoknife®, Dai Lung Streetmaster

Tobais Luna
CL 9
LK 7
MA 6
BT 6

A gentle man with morals high set. He is still a formidable corporate man using his expertise in the agricultural field to attain higher rank in the company. His main reason for doing this is for his son. Matt is his life and he could not live without him. He will lay down his life for the boy. He is still very much in love with Cassandra but has no hopes of her returning to him.
SKILLS: Resources +7, Human Perception +8, Education +9, Library Search +4, Social +7, Persuasion +6, Stock Market +5, Wardrobe&Style +6, Expert: Agriculture +7, German +5, Japansese +3
CYBER: Times Square Plus!
OUTFIT: Image Wallet, Newsviewer, Takanaka "Exec" suit

Biotechnical security
CL 7
LK 5
MA 5
BT 7

SKILLS: Combat Sense +4, Awareness/Notice +5, Handgun +5, Brawling +6, Melee +5, Rifle +6, Athletics +4, Karate +5, Submachinegun +5, Stealth +4
CYBER: Cyberoptic with IR and Targeting Scope
OUTFIT: Arasaka Minami 10, communicator, Light Armour Jacket

Biotechnica snipers
CL 8
LK 7
MA 5
BT 6

SKILLS: Combat Sense +7, Awareness/Notice +7, Handgun +3, Brawling +6, Melee +5, Rifle +8, Athletics +4, Karate +5, Submachinegun +5, Stealth +4
CYBER: Cyberoptic with IR and Targeting Scope
OUTFIT: Militech Ronin light assault, communicator, Light Armour Jacket